Monday, June 30, 2008


Well that was a tiring and busy week and weekend. Where do I begin?
First, my week started with high hopes for a church member, Mrs. Linda Ridgeway. She has been waiting on a liver for sometime and word came Tuesday Night that she would get one Wednesday morning. So off to UAB I went Wednesday morning. When I got there the doctors let us know that the liver was contaminated and that she'd have to wait a little longer. But then on Friday she had a slight heart attack in the morning and that put getting a liver to rest and they called the family in. So back to UAB I went. I had been there about an hour and Mrs. Linda went to be with the Lord. Yesterday I had the priviledge of conducting her funeral. They are always easier when you know where they went.
Thursday I was in Tuscaloosa for another serious surgery for one of my members. He was having back surgery that actually took two days. He is doing well now.
Yesterday morning I took a break from my series and preached, "Why Does God Allow His People to Go Through Storms?" I'm afraid that when people go through storms in their lives, they miss the opportunity to bring glory to God and in turn become disenchanted with God. We must always remember that whatever God does, He does so that His Son Jesus Christ will receive glory. It must be about Him.
Last night I had another viewing. A dear member of mine' s grandmother passed.
So, yes, its been busy.
Today, I'm doing NOTHING. Well I might go play golf.
We are going to see Mom and Dad later this week for the 4th. That should be relaxing.
I will have pics. I promise/

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Review 6/22

A little late on the update but it was a pretty slow weekend. Not much happened.
I continued a series on The Holiness of God and spoke on the subject "BE Holy". It is a topic that is left alone but is so clear. Let me say something very quickly: The Bible is clear and understandable no matter what Barack Obama says. And BTW, the more he speaks, the more I am offended and want to puke. But thats another story.
Sunday night I talked about having Discernment. It seems these days our churches are filled with folks that have no discernment. They are making bad choices every day.

Check back this week. Pictures will be up. Ive got it figured out.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Review 6/16

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we had an association meeting and Bro. Danny Williams preached a great message. The rest of the day was relaxing.
Yesterday was Father's Day and it was a good day. I talked to my father yesterday morning and I sure do love and appreciate him.
The crowd was big yesterday. Just about everyone is home from vacation. Some were at their father's yesterday but all in all in was a great day. As is usual for me I was in a series so I didnt preach a Father's Day sermon. If you remember, I'm in a series on the Holiness of God and spoke on "Why Must a Loving God Allow People to Go to Hell?" I talked about Adam and Eve and how sin broke the perfect fellowship God and man had. Ive had MANY say that it was great and I think it got some thinking.
Last night was youth night so Bro Andy preached and I took the night off. I couldnt have preached anyway because my voice gave out Sunday morning. If you are one of the ones that watch the program via the internet, you'll see there were times I sound like a girl.
This week is my wedding anniversary. April has put up with me 9 Years. Amazing. Its been good and bad for 9 years but i wouldnt change a thing. Not sure what we are doing yet but maybe we will go somewhere for a day or two.
Braves won 2 of 3 this weekend and pulled out of their stink mode. (man they can be bad sometimes and dont even get me started on Bobby Cox)
Its my day off so Im gonna watch Tiger this morning in the US Open playoff and then go try to emulate him this afternoon. Problem is, I'll look more like Tigger from Whiney the Pooh.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Atlanta Braves

I need a new team. The Braves stink. They just dropped 3 in a row to the stinking Phillies and now have to go on the road. And if you think they were bad at home this weekend you haven't seen anything yet.
And to think it all came down to Kelly Johnson dropping a fly ball in the 9th inning Friday night. I mean, these are major league baseball players, right?
And I don't know if I'm watching little girls or men but these guys get hurt all the time. Chipper;s got a problem with his quad, Kotsay's back is hurting, Soriano's arm is sore, and don't even get me started on Michelle Hampton. Boo hoo hoo. Good grief, when we played ball they'd have to cut off our arms to get us to stop playing.
And Bobby Cox, I think the poor guy is senile.
There is only one bright spot. The Crimson Tide and Cowboys arent far away.

Not that any of you care but thanks for listening. I need a support group.

Weekend Review 5/8

Well, we had a good weekend for the most part. Caleb got home Friday from camp and he had a great time. He is getting so big. He wanted to go back this week.
Saturday was a slow day. I finished up my Sunday PM sermon and then April and I went out on a date. We havent had a date in who knows how long. It was good just to be together.
Yesterday we still had a bunch on vacation. (Folks here go on vacation in shifts. At least they dont all go at the same time.) But we did have a good crowd. Amazingly we had 74 come in after Sunday School. So we had a crowd.
I started a brand new series entitled, "The Holiness of God" and the 1st sermon was a simple message on what it means that God is Holy.
Last night I continued in my series on "Characteristics of A Person With Character" looking at the life of Joseph. I preached on Self Control. It is the battle of all battles because if you have no self control you'll lose all other battles.
Then last night we had a baptism. A woman in our church got saved in my office Friday and she was baptized last night. It is truly a story of the power of God. Call me and I'll tell you all about it.
On a personal note, pray for me. I have really been struggling with my voice. It has been coming and going at will and in my line of work it is kinda important.
Well, thats about it. Im going to do a rant in a seperate post.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Review 6/1

Is it really June already??? Good grief how time flies. Anyway, we have had a busy weekend. April's mom and sisters have been in this weekend and so April has been tied up with them. Saturday I had a funeral and then cut grass.
I watched my pitiful Braves drop 3 to the Reds. I just cant figure them out.
Today was a good day at church. Our attendance was back up some but we were still missing a bunch. I finished my series on "In Times Like These" with a message about longing for Heaven. I think many Christians have gotten way too comfortable with this world, so much that if Jesus came and gave them the option they'd stay and ask Him to come back later.
Tonight, we had a real good crowd. (Amazingly at our church our Sunday PM and Wed PM services are very well attended. I spoke on the 4th Characteristic of A Person with Character and talked about being dependable. (Doing what you say you'll do no matter what). It went well.
Pray for Caleb this week. (and his parents) He is going to camp for the FIRST time. I dont know who is more nervous, me or him. Plus, I just like him being around. But this will be good for him and hopefully he will draw closer to Christ.
Inlaws going home tomorrow. But it hasnt been bad.
Getting ready for a new week. Its always something. Have to prepare a brand new Sun AM series. I'll let you all know what it is when I know what it is. If anyone has any suggestions I'll be glad to hear them.