Sunday, November 30, 2008

God Is So Good

Right now I feel like someone ran me over with a truck. Yes, my physical body is sick thanks to my big brother. But on the inside, I thank God for all He has done in my life.
We had a great Thanksgiving. April and I and kids went to Mom and Dad's in Knoxville, TN where we spent three days with them and my brother and his family. It was loud and kids were running everywhere, but it was good, because I was with family.
The funny thing is is that I'm a home body. I like being at my house and usually dont like being away from it very long. But this trip was different and I was good with it. God has given me a great family and I know that that is very different from others.
Today was a good day at church. I dont feel well but I preached and I feel like it was well receieved.
Now I'm on my way to FAITH class and then service. Im not preaching tonight because its the fifth Sunday and trust me, Im not upset.
By the way, ROLL TIDE ROLL! They beat Auburn and I dont care if they win another game this year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Looking For Some Relaxation

The weekend has come and gone and I am glad.
Friday night I went to call the Hamilton HS football game in 25 degree weather and let me just say it was COLD. Plus to top it off Hamilton got beat down 55-21. So HS football season is over, at least for this year.
Saturday was just laid back. We hung out around the house and then April and I went to our Sunday School teachers house for Game Night and we had a blast! But we always do around those people. No Bama game Saturday but they do play a game this Saturday against somebody. (Who might that be???)
Sunday our crowd was LOW. Im not sure you could have even called it a crowd. A bunch of people were out. Cowboys won so that is always a pick me up.
Today, Im just trying to make it to Wednesday. Wednesday we will be going to Mom and Dad's house for 2 1/2 days of relaxation and good food. It should be a blast.
Anyway, Im just looking for some relaxation. It will get here soon enough.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weeked Update and Wore Out

Well, this weekend seemed like a long one even though it went by quickly. (Does that even make sense?) Anyway, Friday night our local high school played in the 2nd Round of the State Playoffs and Hamilton won in OT in a thriller. (So, my teams are 1-0 for the weekend) For some that do not know, I call the games on the radio and got pretty excited this past week. Saturday April had a ladies meeting and so the boys and I just hung out at the house and then watched Bama play Saturday night and yes, they won. (2-0 for the weekend) Yesterday was Sunday and we had decent crowds for both services but it completely wiped me out.
I'm in the middle of a series entitled, "Where is History Headed?" in reference to the rapture of the church and it seems to be creating quite a stir in our church and even in our TV viewing audience. We even had a couple come to church last night that had watched me on TV yesterday morning and wanted to hear me in person last night. Pray for this series because it is of the upmost importance right now in our church and nation.
Last night we had choir practice and then I went home and watched the Cowboys beat the Redskins! (3-0, not a bad weekend)
Anyway, Im in my office this morning and trying to get motivated but all I want to do is go home and lay on the couch. But I will fight that urge.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Time For An Update

Well, I know that it has been a long time since I have updated this blog but let me give a few updates because a lot has happened since the last one.

First let me say that our church is going well. Last month I preached an entire series entitled, "The Greatest Business in the World" and it was all about soul winning. I really believe it challenged our people and I am excited to see the results. Yesterday I began a series entitled, "Where Is History Headed?" It is about the return of Jesus Christ to come get His children and how that day is quickly approaching. I really believe that the signs of the times are all around us and we need to be prepared for His return. The service yesterday morning was great and we had a GREAT response. Please be in prayer for me and our church during this series.

We've elected a new President since my last post. I dont agree with the outcome but do believe that we MUST as Christians pray for our new President. God COULD change his heart and that would make a world of difference. God is in control and I will trust Him.

The family is doing great. April and the boys went to Virginia last week to see her mom and they got home safely. I think she is really glad to be home.

My weight is still under 200. Yesterday I weighed 194. So I think I am maintaining well.

I'm excited about my favorite time of year, the Holidays. We will go to Mom and Dad's for Thanksgiving and then stay around the house for Christmas. We bought Caleb a Wii and I cant wait to play with it!!!! But dont tell him, its his Christmas present. (Hopefully my 7 year old doesnt read his daddy's blog)

Well, I will try to update again soon. But I cant leave without saying one more really important thing: ROLL TIDE ROLL!