Friday, October 10, 2008


For many who read this post, you may never know that I've struggled with my weight. In high school I weighed 185. Now granted, I was a little scrawny. But married life and age had allowed my weight to get somewhat out of control. While living in VA, I had actually let myself get to 235+. For me, that was fat. My doctors had warned me and tried to get me to lose weight but nothing ever seemed to motivate me. Here in Bama i had leveled off at around 225-226.
But about 7 weeks ago, I just decided it was time. I no longer wanted to be fat and look fat. I wanted to be able to take a picture and not be ashamed of how I looked.
So, this morning I weighed 198!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost 27 pounds in 7 weeks. Many have asked, what is the secret and the truth is there are no secrets. I eat right and run EVERYDAY. Even the days I feel like garbage, I still force myself to run.
What makes me even more happy is that my father has the same determination and so it seems that I DID get something from him. And that, I like.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Review 10/5

Well, that was a LONG weekend. Which I have had a bunch of long weeks here lately. Life needs to slow down and I hope until Christmas it will. I am getting excited about the Holidays even though it is just October.
Last week was long because I had a man pass away in my church. His viewing was Thursday and I preached his funeral Friday. Then Friday night we went to Carbon Hill where I called the High School football game on the radio. The upside was that my awesome wife got to go with me and so that made it much more enjoyable.
Saturday we had our Jasper Association meeting of Free Will Baptists here at our church. After that I went home and ran and then watched Bama scare me to death against Kentucky. I think all Bama fans have to expect games like that especially because this team is so young. All that really matters though is they won.
Sunday was our churches 40th Anniversary and it was good. We had a good crowd and good services and I think that it really blessed our people. It will be interesting to hear the comments.
We didnt have a Sunday night service yesterday so I went home and watched the Cowboys scare me to death. Sometimes Tony Romo can be so stupid. But like I said about Bama, I'll say about the Boys', all that matters is they won.
So now its Monday morning and I'm sitting at my desk getting ready for a new week and probably a new Sunday morning series.
Hopefully by the time I write again, I'll have reached my weight goal of 199. For those that may not know, it wasnt too long ago I weighed 235 pounds. This morning I weighed 202.8. I havent weighed below 200 pounds since 1997. April has never seen me below 200. So hopefully I'll knock it out this week.