Monday, February 23, 2009


Its been a few weeks since my last update and it has been a wild two weeks. What has been going on is not important, but what God is doing now is amazing.
There is no doubt that in my own personal life I have times where I get complacent in my Christian walk. And it never fails when that happens that God does something to wake me up. Well, God has woken me up. And now what He is doing is unexplainable.
There are so many things happening right now I'm not sure where to begin. Our services lately have been awesome and God is truly showing Himself mighty. Many of our people are developing deeper walks with Christ and seeing the seriousness of the spiritual battles.
Our small groups are doing great right now and it seems like every time one takes place, the effects are seen in our church.
So all in all, God is truly being with us.

Revival starts Sunday morning with Christian Powell and I am excited and the church is ready for something great.

So thats about it. BTW, the Braves start Spring Training games this week. So I'm pumped.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Great Sunday

I just wanted to update the blog and let everyone know what a great Sunday we had.
As many may know, we started our new service time yesterday at 10:50 and had the largest crowd we've had in a while. The service was powerful from the music to the preaching to the invitation.
God is doing some great things here. He is really working in peoples lives and causing them to dig much deeper in their lives. The small groups seem to really be having a positive impact and we are trying to implement them in the other SS classes. So we will see how that goes.
Last night I started a series on the family. That too went well and had good response. Hopefully the families in our church will be solidified.
Ok, so thats it.

Braves baseball not far away!