Sunday, August 31, 2008

GREAT Weekend!

What a great weekend this has been! It has just been Caleb and I but I enjoy the time with him.

Yesterday, April and her crew went to Pensacola, FL to take family back to college. They will be home Tuesday. So I started the day by mowing grass. It has rained so much that it was high, so it took a while. Then I had to weed eat. (Which I hate)
After running, Caleb and I played X Box. Then we got ready for the finale of the day: The Crimson Tide! Bama wasnt supposed to beat Clemson but they put the smack down on them 34-10. What a great game. RTR!!!!
This morning I finished a series on Discipleship and talked about how today is the day of salvation. We had a good response and I think it challenged some lives. BTW, if you ever want to see our services, go to Sunday nights 9pm cst (10pm est).

Now Caleb and I are just gonna chill. (I think we are playing X Box again)

One more thing: Ive dropped 8 pounds this week. I hate working out and eating right but I sure do love the results.

P.S. RTR!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Some Random Updates

Man I'm getting bad at this. But anyway, let me give some updates:

We had revival with David Crowe last week and it went real well and was very well attended. God did some things that were of great importance but might not have been outwardly apparent. He certainly did some things in my life and answered some prayers. So for that I am greatly blessed.
This past Sunday #1 It poured down rain off and on all day and yes it affected attendance. One thing I know, people do not need an excuse but sometimes it always helps. #2 We had good services. But last night was especially a blessing. We had a teenage boy preach and he did a great job! The whole service was a blessing. We even had a baptism at the end which always encourages.
Friday was my birthday. April took me out Saturday night for dinner and bought me a present. I have been wanting a CD player for my truck but have been too cheap to get one. But April got me one for my birthday and I let Best Buy install it too. I've tried before (because of cheapness) and it never turns out right. Im enjoying it.
This week will be busy. So much is going on here at church and in Hamilton. My niece who has been living with us this summer is going back to college Saturday. There are days I feel like I run a boarding house. But I guess that's ok. Anyway I can help I guess.
Pray for April. She'll be traveling to Pensacola Saturday with my 2 nieces, two sisters-in-law, mother-in-law and Josh. Should be intersting. Pray God will keep them safe. I dont know what I'd do without that girl and Josh.
If I havent said it recently, God has blessed me with a great woman for a wife who is my best friend. I also have two GREAT boys.

One more thing: 6 days till the Tide plays!!!!!!!!! RTR!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man I'm Dumb

I know there are many times God says, "Tommy, you are so dumb." Now I know to my family and friends this is no big revelation, and really its not earth shaking in my own heart, but sometimes its good to be reminded.
You see, I've had some pretty big bridges to cross lately and I didnt know how they were going to turn out. For some, I still dont. But here is what I know, God is in control and loves me totally and completely. My PawPaw said to me last night, "All things work together for good" to which I responded, "To them that love the Lord." How true that is. God's kingdom is going to go forward and Satan will not win. Why I think God's gonna let him, i have no clue. (Remember, Im dumb)
For those who read this, all bridges havent been crossed yet, so keep praying for this preacher. And soon, God will show HIS power and love again. And again, I am sure, He will say, "Tommy, you sure are dumb. BUT, I love you anyway."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sorry, It's Been A While

I havent posted anything lately because it has been so busy. So let me catch you up.

Last month we had VBS and 2 Teen Camps! It has been crazy. The VBS was called "Boot Camp: Back 2 Basics". We had a good crowd of kids and 5 saved that week. It was a lot of work and profitable. Last week I went to Teen Camp with some of our kids and it was great spiritually not only for them but for April and I. I was SO tired when I got home but it was well worth it.

Church has been going well and finally the vacations are over with and this Sunday things should go back to normal.

On the family front I finally added some pictures. We have expanded by one. We now have a puppy named Emma. She started in the house but I just do not have the patience to see that that dog gets trained. So now she is outside.

Caleb starts the 2nd grade tomorrow and seems to be excited. Caleb has liked school so far and gets good grades so hopefully this year will be the same.

Josh is Josh. He loves his puppy and would sleep in her pen if we let him. Honestly that boy is crazy. (I'm pretty sure this is what the Bible meant when it said, "You reap what you sow.")

April and I are just trucking along. They went to the beach and few weeks back which explains why my family is so dark now.

Other than that, everything is still great here in Bama.

BTW, 24 more days till Bama kicks off! Roll Tide!