Friday, May 1, 2009

Exciting Times

Well i promise a blog update if I had some big news for this week and I do.

Wednesday night I hired a brand new youth pastor, Adrian Nottonson. We are extremely fortunate and priviledged to add Adrain to our staff at Hamilton FWB Church. Adrain will graduate next week, May 8th, from Southeastern FWB College. He will also marry Ashley Jefferson on May 23 and then start with us the first week of June. First assignment? CAMP!!!

Let me say a few words about his dear fiancee Ashley. She will also be a great addition to the Hamilton FWB Church family. She was a BIG hit with the teen girls and moms. We are excited to have her come as well.

Adrian is distinctively Free Will Baptist and unashamed of it. I like this a whole lot. He will be a great asset to our ministry.

Welcome Adrian and Ashley!!!