Sunday, January 25, 2009

Being Me

Well, its almost February but January was an exciting month and I have learned a great deal.
We just got finished with our Missions Conference at church and we had some great guys come speak for us. Our attendance was pitiful but my heart was challenged. But as I talked to these guys and thought about my own spiritual journey, I have determined more than ever to just be me. To understand this would take a long time but let me just say that its been a process for some years now.
You see for some time I have been trying to make sure men accepted me and my stands on things instead of worrying what God thought. And it was frustrating for a long time. But God wants me to be me and follow Him as He leads my ministry. Let me settle some down who might be reading this and thinking Ive fallen off the turnip truck and say these are not radical changes but changes non the less.
I just finished a series on Sunday nights entitled "Out of the Box" which btw was my favorite series to preach ever. It focused in on simply maximizing ministry and making sure we were not being exclusive in reaching people for Christ. So many are, and I refuse to exclude anyone based on non-Biblical grounds.
We are starting small groups which kicked off tonight. Our young adult SS class has been averaging 45-50 on Sunday mornings and they have been broken up into 9 small groups. Yes, we still have SS but they also will meet outside of church at least once a month. Hopefully this will develop relationships, encourage discipleship and also create salvations in those who are unchurched. I think it will go well.
Anyway, February is soon approaching and I will make a final decision on my next series in the morning. Sunday morning will either be "Pressing for the Prize" or "Escape: A Look At Jonah". Sunday nights will be on the family unless the Holy Spirit changes my mind.
Nothing else going on except I now am the parent of an 8 year old and that makes me sound real old.
April is doing great in school and I am so proud of her. And Josh is growing up before our eyes. I no longer have babies.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brand New Year

So its been awhile since my last post. Its a brand new year and its been a busy new year already.
Let me just say first of all, I had a great Christmas and holiday season other than Bama stinking it up and my Cowboys imploding. Smoltz has left the Braves (traitor) but they now have Derek Lowe. Hopefully by the time I post again, they will have a new Left Fielder.
Anyway, at church we hit the ground running. We have some changes and I hope they are being received well.
For starters, we've changed the morning time of service to 10:50 am. That will begin on Feb. 1st. We want to include more singing in the service and because Im known to be a little long winded, we had to add some time. But the one thing I really like about the am service, is its all about worship. We've cut out all the excess. And it seems to be going well.
On Sunday nights Ive been preaching a series entitled, "Out of the Box". Being that I pastor a small town Alabama church, it lends itself to get in the "we've only done it one way" mentality. Im hoping with preaching, praying and effort, that will change. And it is already starting and its exciting.
April started nursing school and shes loving it. The kids are in their groove and that seems to be going well.
So, there is my update and I will try again soon.