Monday, September 29, 2008

What A Weekend!!!!

A lot happened this weekend so let me start:

#1 Our church rented out the theater and went to see FIREPROOF the movie Sunday afternoon. It is THE best movie I've ever seen. It is well worth the price of admission. I'm not a crier and I cried like a baby. It will make you think like you never have. Great, Great movie.
#2 Church was good yesterday. I preached about all the great things God has done. When I think about all He has given me, it makes what I dont have seem so small. Last night I preached about "Doubtful Things". It seems in our lives as Christians that there are time we arent sure if something is ok or not. The Bible says at those times to wait for clearance.
#3 Bama WON!!!!! They are now #2 in the WHOLE country. I think Nick Saban needs a raise. 4 million a year is just not enough.
#4 The Cowboys lost. And not only did they lose, but they lost to the gulp Redskins. If Bama wouldnt have won, Id be crying again.

Anyway, thats about the extent of it. I played golf Saturday morning and did good on 16, 17 and 18. Otherwise, I stunk.

This week is our churches 40th anniversary so it should be a real good week,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Review & Other Tidbits

Well, I realize its Tuesday afternoon but I figured Id give the weekend update and then comment on a few more things in my life.
We had a good Sunday. In the morning I continued a series entitled, "Rejoice". This week I talked about how we need to rejoice even when the feeling leaves. We had a good response but many were under conviction.
Sunday night was good as well. I am preaching a series called "principles to live by" and this week was called the "principle of separation." After the service I baptized two. So all in all it was a good Sunday.
I am extremely busy these days. I began a series on Wednesday nights on "Cults". The study time is unbelievable. This is taking up a lot of my time but the first week went great and many were enthused. So, even as I write, I continue to prep for Wednesday.
As far as my sports teams go, Bama rolled on a pathetic Arkansas team but face the toughest challenge of the year Saturday vs. Georgia.
The Cowboys on the other hand are AWESOME! Man, I hope we win the Super Bowl.

Well, thats all for now. Hopefully next week i talk about Bama smacking down the Dawgs!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back In The Saddle

Man, I have had a crazy, crazy week. I think I should have been a truck driver. In the last week I have driven from Hamilton, AL to Pensacola, FL (5 Hours), from Pensacola, FL to Crewe, VA (12 Hours), from Crewe, VA to Richmond, VA (1 Hour), from Richmond, VA to Gatlinburg, TN (6.5 Hours) and from Gatlinburg, TN back to Hamilton, AL (6 Hours). It may not seem like a lot but in the span of 7 days it is a bunch.
Once I got to Richmond for a few days I had a relaxing time. I stayed with a man and his wife that were friends of mine from HS. Actually, I was close friends with their children but they were always good to me. We played golf on Wednesday and then I went to my old church Wednesday night. That brought back a lot of memories.
Thursday I officially began my vacation by meeting April and another couple from our church in Gatlinburg, TN. We had a great time.
Today, I get back in the flow of things and hopefully can get my MS Word to work.