Monday, April 27, 2015


Its been almost 6 years since I wrote on this blog.  Its says 1 person is still following and I think I know who that is,   I feel like over the last year God has been teaching me so much and while I'm still a work in progress I feel like its time to start sharing again.  So I'm going to try to keep writing.

So where do I start after 6 years?  Let me just begin with the most recent.  I've began a series at church entitled "Living With Purpose".  For me personally, even as a pastor/preacher is so easy to get off purpose.  I'm convinced that a tool of Satan in my own life, just to get me sidetracked.  So many times especially when I feel the most focused something comes along to get me looking at something other than my purpose.  I'm not saying that I somehow stop believing in Christ or loving Christ but I just get thinking and pursuing things that really do not matter.

Individually God purpose for my life is simple these days.  Yes, it wears a lot of hats, but its simple. God has called me to love Him and obey Him with all my heart.  He wants me to love His Word and follow it with all my heart.  He has called me to be a loving husband to April and to put her above me, to serve and sacrifice for her and to lead her in the direction of Christ.  He wants me to love Caleb and Joshua and train them to be men, godly men who will one day lead their families to love and know Christ.  He has placed me in Hamilton, Al to teach Hamilton FWB Church God's Word and to love them and point them to love Christ and His Word.  I love my church and am so thankful for the people He has put in it.  Our best days are ahead, not behind.  And past that He wants me to love Hamilton, Alabama, the United States and the rest of the World and be committed to getting them the gospel however I can.

Honestly its that simple.   Lord help me not get sidetracked!