Monday, March 30, 2009

It Is Well

One of the greatest songs ever written is "It is Well (w/my soul)". That could never be a truer song than it is today. Im overwhelmed.
Let me say first it seems i havent been in the office for ages. One week i went on vacation with my family to Orlando, FL which by the way I had a great time. I have a great family. I love April more today than ever. This June will be ten years she has put up with me and all that goes with me. I also have two great boys that are growing up way too fast. Caleb is 8 and Josh is 4 and I am the most blessed man on earth. Truly!
Last week I went and played in the Masters Men (of FWB) golf tournament and i stink but i had a great time. We have the best guys in the world in our church and they are a pleasure to be around. That even includes Phillip! :)
So I get back to church and yesterday was unbelievable. In the morning I finished a series of the book of Ruth and talked about how Jesus is our Kinsmen-Redeemer and the great lengths He went to to redeem us. When He got me, He didnt get anything but He went to the cross and died anyway. I serve an awesome God.
But then last night is hard to put into words. We did this thing called "Cardboard Ministries". I must say that when I first heard about it and even saw it on YouTube I wasnt sure. Basically it is where you get a group of people and on one side of the cardboard they write what they were before Christ and then on the other side they write what they are now. They simply walk to the stage one by one and show the before and then the after. It might be the most powerful thing I have ever seen and been a part of. The song "I will rise" by Chris Tomlin played and one by one (myself included) went to the stage and showed their cards. Mine said that before Christ I was "a rebellious hypocrite" but after Christ I was "real". Its a long story and one that i dont tell much, but let me just say that I am different, so different and pray every day to be the "real deal" for Christ. But i guess the one that got me the most was a Godly lady in our church who is such a blessing. The front of her card said "Mom at 15" and the back talked about how now she is trying to be a Godly mom and wife. It was POWERFUL!
So this is over and the altar is full and by the end of the night 3 people were saved!
I've been in church all my life. Been in the ministry almost 10 years. I've been in services that were this powerful but NEVER services this powerful back to back to back and so on. IT IS TRULY WELL!

So starting a new week anticipating the moving hand of God.

Caleb starts baseball games this week and maybe they will do good inspite of his coach! But I wouldnt change it for the WORLD!

So until next time, It Is Well.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simply Amazing

Joseph told his brothers, "What you meant for evil, God meant for good." And there is NO DOUBT that those words ring true for me and my church today.
I wish I knew where to begin in writing what God is doing in our midst. I think the last think I wrote I was telling about the unexplainable things God is doing in our church. Let me see if i can summarize.
It seems revival started in our church about 2 weeks ago when God began to move in the lives of our people. Then we had actual revival services and they were great. But then we come to today. And this morning 4 people came to the altar and prayed to receive Christ as Lord and Savior. Now I was shouting and praising God for all that He did. I came home tonight from church and it was good, but when I got home I received a phone call from a couple in our church needing to meet me back at church. When I got there I had the priviledge of leading them to Christ as well! WOW what a day! Six people prayed to receive Christ today. And all I can say is Simply Amazing!!!!!!!
But the truth is I believe it is just starting. God is doing something awesome in our midst and I am just glad to be a part of it.

Tomorrow is Monday and I have much to do because I leave for my yearly vacation on Friday to Orlando, FL and I want to get my work done so I can relax while I'm gone. Im excited about vacation but also a little sad to leave church at such an exciting time.

Caleb's baseball starts on Tuesday and I will again be coaching his team. Should be fun. Josh turned 4 today and it just seems like time is moving too fast.

April has three mid-term exams this week so pray for her. She too will welcome vacation Friday.

I will try to update from sunny Florida where I will hopefully be "sitting by the dock of the bay" doing a bunch of nothing.