Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Doesnt Make Sense

Have you ever wondered, "Why do God's people get attacked by "God's" people?" No, everything is fine and I am ok but it hasn't always been this way. Why do people who claim to know God attack, defame and tear down people who DO know God? Maybe I'm the only one who this has happened to but I am sure I'm not. In almost 32 years of life growing up in a Christian home with Godly parents and now almost 10 years of ministry, I've seen in over and over and over again. And from my human standpoint, it just DOESN'T make sense. I mean why would Godly people who want to serve Christ want there to be division and strife. The truth is the answer is found in the question.
Let me give a few things that I believe can help get through these times.

#1 In Matthew 13:24 Jesus begins a parable talking about how a man planted a field and that night when the man went to bed, the enemy snuck in and planted tares within the field. Stalks of tares looked a lot like stalks of wheat but they were imposters.
We may not like it but if the devil is to destroy us, he will do so by planting tares with the church. We must pray that as the tares go to work against the wheat (the true church) that God binds the work of Satan and allows the work of God to go forth.
A while back I preached on how that Satan would use someone inside our church to try to destroy it and it didnt take very long after that sermon for that to come true.
So the first thing that I have to remember, is most likely (not all the time) Im dealing with a tare, a lost person, a tool of Satan. And if you read the rest of that parable you understand that the tares receive their due judgment.

#2 1 Thessalonians 4:8 says, "He therefore that despiseth , despiseth not man, but God." A person who comes against you while you are standing for truth and serving God is just a tool of Satan who is in essence going against God. What I have to remember is that their REAL problem is not with me, its with God.

#3 And then finally one will say, "Preacher, they are lying about me." "They are running me down and its not true." "They keep running their mouths." Take it from me and remember Jude 9, "Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him accusation but said, "The Lord rebuke thee." You know what Ive learned, let God shut them up. Let God fight the battle for you. He does so much better than I do.

Does it make sense that "Christian" people attack Godly people? No. But it happens and will continue to happen. So remembering a few things helps me.